A parade in Zhongshan Park

"What Heaven confers is called Nature.
Accordance with this Nature is called the Way.
Cultivating the Way is called Education."


W w w . K o n g Z i . c o . u K

The philosopher Kongzi (better known as Confucius in the West) lived over 2,500 years ago in ancient China. His thoughts and ideas have remained throughout the ages as one of the most important philosophies in East Asia. His knowledge and understanding of ethics, propriety, politics, and conduct, however, transcends cultural boundaries, and this website attempts to assemble his ideas and the subsequent philosophies of ru jia ("Confucianism") for those interested in finding out more.

To explore the website, simply click on one of the headings on the navigation bar. Each heading has a separate menu which will appear when you click on it. To return to the original menu, click the small taiji (yin-yang) in the navigation bar that will appear with each separate menu. The site is composed of a number of essays and explanations, as well as a variety of pictoral and tabular guides to aid a greater understanding not only of Confucius and his philosophy, but also of his people, the Chinese, and their lavish history and culture.

"Learning without thought is labour lost; thought without learning is perilous."

[Confucius, The Analects 2:15]

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